This site is for the Dungeons and Dragons game being hosted by Bear's brother. The following links contain some basic information you might find useful.

  • Story Background: The game will take place in a traditional medieval / fantasy world. Background on the quest you will be embarking on can be found at the above link.

  • Character Creation: Rules for how to create your character. This is for both new players and experienced players, so I encourage everyone to take a look.
  • House Rules: The house rules we will be following. I encourage you to at least look at the background and character creation pages, as it will allow you to be more prepared game day.

Game Day Details

When: April/May ??

Where: ?Bear's House ?

You can message me if you have any questions at bramarcum@gmail.com


And remember:

If you do not know Bear then you should not be here.

Or Else

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